Gala of the 12th edition of the OFF CAMERA Festival

Fiorentina and Szara Gęś were pleased to create a menu for the guests of the gala that took place on May 3, 2019 in the Gallery of the 19th-Century Polish Art in the Cloth Hall in Krakow. The event was a part of the International Festival of Independent Cinema Mastercard OFF CAMERA, which the restaurants of the MSHG Group have been supporting for many years.

The menu for this occasion was prepared by: Chef Robert Koczwara and Sous Chef Grzegorz Przebinda from the Fiorentina Restaurant and the Chef of the Szara Gęś Restaurant – Michał Stężalski. The gentlemen chose a well thought-out arrangement of dishes referring to the Polish cuisine, in which there were both vegetarian and meat items. The basis for the served specialties were, as always, high quality local ingredients. We also focused on ecological suppliers.

The menu was made in zero-waste and no-plastic philosophy. The tastes of catering performed by Fiorentina and Szara Gęś were fully appreciated by the guests of the gala – invited participants of the Festival, among which there were many celebrities from Poland and abroad.

Fiorentina was also a partner restaurant of the Mastercard OFF Spot program.

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