Silver for cooks from Fiorentina

On 1 June 2019 in Szczawno-Zdrój, the Hunter’s Kitchen Competition took place. Among duets of chefs thre were also representatives of the Fiorentina Restaurant: Grzegorz Przebinda and Dawid Cieślar.

Importantly, the competition participants were asked to compose dishes with regional products – such as trout from Zielenica. Here is the menu of Fiorentina chefs:

Trout from Zielenica in spicy hibiscus gel with smoked cream and pickled vegetables and garlic flowers
Main course:
Braised wild boar tongue with horseradish puree, demi-glace with pine shoots and marinated cabbage with blueberry gel, onion powder and roasted pork skins

The results of the struggle were evaluated by a jury composed of renowned chefs from all over Poland. With more pleasure we welcomed their verdict – Grzegorz Przebinda and Dawid Cieślar won second place! This is a wonderful expression of appreciation for our chefs, who the whole team congratulates on their success.

The photo report from the competition is available here.

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